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34 Hickory Hill Drive O'Fallon, MO 63366 United States



Member Since: 2020

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Organization Overview

TRAGUR was started in 2016 by the Harbison family. After several years of disappointment in trying to find clothes that we loved to climb in, we decided to create our own. Initially, it was just for personal use, but we showed other climbers the features. We started getting a few requests to make items. Soon we were improving the design, sourcing a manufacture, and having larger quantities made. The TRAGUR Clothing Line was born.

We support climbing gyms in any way we can, because we understand and appreciate that climbing gyms are not just a place to work out. They are the heart of the climbing community that we love so much.

Starting TRAGUR has been a great adventure. It's fun because we love to be with the climbing community, and this is a great way to share our passion for the sport, climbing clothes, and the people who make it so fun.

-Climb Hard!-