A Gym's Retail Journey
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  • 10:58:29    Jake Byk
    Hi everyone! My name is Jake Byk, marketing coordinator at the CWA and I am in Boulder, Colorado
  • 10:58:37    Laura Allured (she/her) | CWA
    Hello everyone! Welcome to the third session of the CWA’s retail webinar series! I’m Laura from the CWA, calling in from Longmont, CO.
  • 10:58:53    Paula Horwitz
    Hello! Paula Horwitz, ED with the CWA joining today!
  • 10:59:20    Amy
    Amy Recker from Edgeworks Climbing in WA
  • 10:59:36    Alisha Rachel
    Alisha from Bliss Climbing in Wichita KS
  • 10:59:38    Todd M (Keystone Climbing Consultants)
    Hi everyone! Thanks for joining for our 3rd retail webinar session. I'm Todd from Keystone Climbing Consultants and I'm calling in from Portland, OR.
  • 10:59:59    Mercedes
    howdy, Mercedes from Momentum in Utah. looking to learn about your system for markdowns and clearance
  • 11:00:52    Nathaniel Zwerling
    Hey folks, Nathan from Gripstone CS here. Just along for the ride and ready to learn some more
  • 11:00:59    Troy
    Troy Singh from Eldorado Climbing, checking in! We are excited to learn about how to further the success of our retail program.
  • 11:01:06    Todd M (Keystone Climbing Consultants)
    Mercedes - Great! That's one of the topics for today's call. :)
  • 11:02:24    scott
    Hey everyone. Scott from EPIC Climbing and Fitness in Indy
  • 11:02:33    Ann Grinnell
    Hello! Ann here from Maine - starting Volta Climbing hoping to open in December! Learning Learning and Learning some more!
  • 11:20:43    Jake Byk
    Mountaineering boots too!
  • 11:24:34    scott
    how well do your training supplement products sell
  • 11:27:10    Mercedes
    also curious about your gnarly and how it does. secondly, how do you keep your space clean/deal with chalk dust 😱
  • 11:28:54    Mercedes
    do you accept returns on used shoes? what do you do with those shoes?
  • 11:37:38    Amy
    how often do you do an inventory count? Quarterly?
  • 11:44:07    Kelly Sanders
    How many different brands of climbing/approach shoes do you carry?
  • 11:54:09    Mercedes
    does you find your men's and women's items sell equally, or does the men's outsell the women's? if one outsells the other, does that affect your purchasing decisions?
  • 11:55:33    Amy
    do you ever direct men towards the lower volumne shoes? ie women
  • 11:58:06    Jake Byk
    Ty Morrison-Heath, Marketing / Gym Manager: ty@spireclimbingcenter.com
  • 11:58:24    Jake Byk
  • 11:58:37    Mercedes
    thank you for taking all my questions 🙌
  • 11:58:56    Jake Byk
    Of course Mercedes! :)
  • 11:58:56    Todd M (Keystone Climbing Consultants)
    Glad we had time for them all today!! :)
  • 11:59:03    tymorrisonheath
    Stoked to help everyone! Thanks for having me.
  • 11:59:14    Todd M (Keystone Climbing Consultants)
    Thanks a ton, Ty!!
  • 11:59:59    Jake Byk
    Ty Morrison-Heath, Marketing / Gym Manager: ty@spireclimbingcenter.com
  • 12:00:12    Kelly Sanders
    Thank you! That was really great!


Todd McCormick Ty Morrison-Heath

Todd McCormick

Keystone Climbing Consultants

Ty Morrison-Heath

Spire Climbing + Fitness


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