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The ClimbSmart!® program is a national public awareness campaign addressing the elements of risk in climbing sports, climbers’ safety, and personal responsibility. It was created by ORCA in 1993 and first appeared in print in Climbing magazine and Rock & Ice magazine in July and August of that year. Today, the CWA owns and maintains the ClimbSmart!® program and is working to expand the program to include a full line of stickers, posters, brochures, and other educational resources.

The ClimbSmart!® program is based on a Universal Warning which includes four simple points for climbers to remember. Materials including these four points are currently distributed to retailers, climbing gyms, outdoor education programs, and individuals in the form of posters, videos and brochures.

Climb for a Lifetime, ClimbSmart!®

Professional climbers Chris Sharma, Sasha DiGiulian, Paul Robinson, and Jason Kehl discuss why they climb, the associated risks, and climber responsibility. This video is ideal as a complement to facility orientations, social media, websites, or looped viewing in facilities.

Climb For a Lifetime, ClimbSmart!® from Climbing Wall Association on Vimeo.

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Four Point Universal Warning

Climbing is Dangerous

Climbing offers positive benefits and rewards such as adventure, enjoyment, and fitness. Climbing also offers risks, including the risk of injury or death, which cannot be entirely eliminated from the sport. You must be willing to accept both the risks and the rewards of climbing.

Qualified Instruction Is Required

In the past, climbers developed their knowledge, skills, and judgment through years of mentoring, training, and exposure to a variety of environments and experiences. The proliferation of advanced equipment, improved techniques, and easy access to indoor climbing venues, has made climbing accessible to many more people. New climbers, for example, are now able to develop the ability to ascend difficult climbs rapidly through intensive coaching and training. However, these new climbers may lack the knowledge, breadth of experience, and good judgment that builds a solid foundation to be a successful climber or mountaineer in unpredictable outdoor environments. If you are unfamiliar with any aspect of climbing, seek qualified instruction.

Use Equipment According to the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Manufacturers and distributors of gear find that climbing equipment is sometimes used incorrectly. Please use climbing equipment for its intended purpose and according to the manufacturer’s instructions for use, care, inspection, and retirement.

Your Safety is Your Responsibility

If you climb, you must assume personal responsibility for your own safety. You must acquire knowledge about climbing, develop climbing skills, and exercise good judgment to be a safe and responsible climber. Climb for a lifetime, ClimbSmart!™