The Climbing Wall Association is a trade association dedicated to protecting, connecting, and educating the indoor climbing industry.

Representing the interests of indoor climbing businesses globally, the CWA ensures that people are empowered with the tools to bring climbing to their community. We support this through certification and industry standards, governmental advocacy, community-building, and sharing industry news and best practices.

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Monument Sports Group Insurance Programs
The CWA provides member-exclusive insurance programs in the indoor climbing industry. Maintaining the availability and price stability of insurance in the market are critical objectives of our programs.

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Climbing Wall Instructor Certification Program
The CWI Certification Program is a voluntary certification for climbing instructors. The program defines a uniform set of consensus performance standards that can be easily integrated into existing staff training programs.

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Work-at-Height Certification Program
The Work-at-Height Certification Program is a voluntary certification for climbing wall workers who perform work-at-height, including accessing work positions, routesetting, and rescues at-height.

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