CWA Certification Programs

The CWA maintains certification programs that instruct climbing wall workers on the current best practices of the indoor climbing industry. Competent and qualified climbing wall workers help deliver consistent experiences across all climbing gyms helping facilities to manage risk and save time developing their own policies and procedures

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Why Certification?

Certification Standards are intended to promote industry self-regulation and assist owner/operators of climbing facilities in the management and operation of those facilities by establishing consistent, observable, and minimum criteria for evaluating climbing wall workers. CWA certification standards have been released after a public review process and pertain to technical skills and teaching of technical climbing skills only.

How To Get Certified

  • If you are interested in becoming certified, please contact your employer.
  • If your employer is a current CWA member, qualified to be a certification program provider, and has agreed to the program terms and conditions you may be certified by your employer.
  • If your employer is not a provider, you may seek certification through the CWA or certified providers.
  • If you are an employer who wishes to certify their staff contact the CWA to learn more today.