Climbing Wall Instructor Course

September 9th through 30th

Thank you for attending the CWA's virtual Climbing Wall Instructor training. This course has been designed to offer you the same training as our in person certifications. This page will be your online hub throughout the course.

Key dates

*There are no grace periods given for the below due dates

Course Materials

Finish Application

Due by September 9th


Upload Climbing Video

Due by September 9th

Your climbing video should be no longer than 10 minutes and provide enough information to evaluate your climbing and belaying ability. In this video you will climb first and then you will belay as your partner climbs. Climb your chosen route without falling, and catch a fall when your partner is climbing.  You should move through the tie in, partner check, climbing, and belaying steps efficiently. 

  • Position the camera far enough back to see the belayer and at least the first three clips of a lead climb, or the first 15 feet or 5 meters of a top rope climb. You do not need to move the camera or provide closeups.
  • Demonstrate your climbing ability:
    • Pick a challenging 5.8 Top Rope or 5.7 Lead route
    • Tying in
    • The partner check
    • Climbing
    • Lowering
  • Demonstrate your belay ability:
    • Preparing the rope
    • Setting up your belay device
    • The partner check
    • Belay technique, including catching a fall and lowering

Upload your climbing video here

Classroom Training

Review this online learning module and then complete the written test.


Written Test due September 17th


Attend the Discussion

September 21st 10am MT

Be prepared to discuss your experiences with climbers, customers, and colleagues. Sharing our experiences helps to reinforce the learning outcomes for the CWI Course.

Download Activity Plan


Upload Teaching Video

Due by September 24th

Your teaching video should be no longer than 10 minutes and use the activity plan that you developed earlier in this course as a guide for your instruction. The video should provide enough information to evaluate your teaching ability. Teach your course or perform an orientation with a climber, or group of climbers, as you normally would. 

  • Position the camera far enough back to see the instructor and students and make sure that all conversations can be heard in the audio of thevideo. You do not need to move the camera or provide closeups.
  • Demonstrate teaching competencies:
    • Include more than one teaching style. i.e. Demonstration, description, experiential, trial and error, or guided discovery
    • Develop mastery through constructive feedback, practice, and repetition
    • Make sure that all members of the group are engaged when appropriate
    • Support the well-being of participants
  • Demonstrate your risk awareness and management:
    • Pick an appropriate space for your class
    • Stay aware of participants at all times
    • Provide backup belays where necessary
    • Keep students within the limits of their skill and knowledge

Upload your teaching video here

Schedule your Exit Interview

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