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The Climbing Wall Association, Inc. (CWA) is the standard setting organization for the Climbing Wall Instructor Certification Program. The CWA the maintains a policy document regarding the governance of the program, the consensus standards, a standard curriculum document, a standard assessment instrument and an evaluation for the certification course and provider to be completed by the candidate seeking certification. In order to be a certification program provider, you must apply, be accepted, abide by the program policies and curriculum and maintain your CWA membership.

The CWA Certification Program is designed to promote industry self-regulation and assist owner/operators of climbing facilities in training staff to a minimum, consistent standard of care. The curriculum can be easily integrated into existing staff training and professional development programs. The CWA Certification program may not cover all necessary topics required at a particular company, program or facility. However, the program should address the basic technical competencies for climbing wall instructors regardless of venue. The primary governing document for the program is the program policy manual which discusses the structure and functioning of the program and the responsibilities of the providers.

If you are interested in becoming a program provider, are a current CWA member, and are qualified to train candidates, please fill out the application materials below. Prerequisites for becoming a CWI Provider are listed on the Certification Program Provider Application form below.

If you are a current program provider and you have any questions, please contact Heather Reynolds at

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