Common Climbing Wall Rescue Scenarios Member Webinar

Thursday, December 7, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (MST)

Webinar Summary: One of the most common operational questions we get here at the CWA is how to conduct various on-the-wall rescues. In this webinar, Dean Pflaumer, Co-Owner of Redline Access and Rescue Solutions, will walk through some of the most common climbing wall rescue scenarios and how you can be prepared to conduct them if need be. We’ll cover how to handle belay pick offs, autobelay rescue techniques, and how to manage risk during a rescue.

Listed Objectives:

  • Proper Belay Pick Offs
  • Common Autobelay Rescue Techniques
  • Managing Risk during a Rescue

Speaker Bio: Dean Pflaumer (he/him), Co-Owner, Redline Access and Rescue Solutions

Dean Pflaumer is a Climbing and Fall Protection Instructor, who has been working in the indoor climbing, rope access, and rescue industries since 2001. In his own words, “Protecting people is my career and I believe strongly in continuing education. I am proud to support the CWA in its mission.”

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Dean Pflaumer

Dean Pflaumer

Co-Owner, Redline Access and Rescue Solutions

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