How to Incorporate Retail in a Business Plan
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  • 10:58:09    Jake Byk
    Hi everyone! Jake from the CWA here joining from sunny Boulder, Colorado.
  • 10:58:19    Laura Allured (she/her) | CWA
    Morning everyone! Welcome to the first session of the CWA’s Retail Panel!
  • 10:58:38    Laura Allured (she/her) | CWA
    I’m Laura from the CWA, and I’m joining from Longmont, Colorado :-)
  • 10:59:03    Ann Grinnell
    Ann and Jesse from Mount Desert, Maine! We are opening Volta in December of this year and starting from the bottom learning about retail!. Hi!
  • 10:59:42    Laura Allured (she/her) | CWA
    Awesome, thanks for joining us Ann and Jesse! I'm sure you’ll get a ton of nuggets out of today’s call to help you on your journey.
  • 10:59:59    Amy Keith
    Hi There, Amy joining form Charlotte NC. In the initial planning stages of opening a gym and hoping to gain some insight into retail as part of our business plan :)
  • 11:00:06    Ann Grinnell
    Thank you — we’re psyched!
  • 11:00:15    Nathaniel Zwerling
    Hi Folks, Nathan Zwerling here with Gripstone Climbing in Colorado Springs, CO. Looking to learn some more about retail and retail management.
  • 11:01:04    Jake Byk
    Hey Nathan! Thanks for joining us!
  • 11:01:11    scott
    Scott with EPIC Climbing and Fitness in Indy
  • 11:01:33    Jake Byk
    Hi Scott! Stoked to have you joining us.
  • 11:01:44    Zach
    Hi I'm Zach, and I'm joining from Boulder, CO. I'm hoping to learn more a bit about the monthly expenses that go into a business plan.
  • 11:03:05    Leo van Ulden
    Hi, I'm from Newfoundland Canada and wondering about projecting sales.
  • 11:04:21    Jake Byk
    Hi everyone! A reminder to keep yourself muted until the Q&A portion of the call. Let me know if you need help with Zoom.
  • 11:05:25    Jake Byk
    Chris's gym: https://www.contactclimbinggym.com/
  • 11:09:19    Jake Byk
    Branded merchandise helps establish identity and get the hype up about your business!
  • 11:12:01    Nathaniel Zwerling
    ^Branded merch as in logo-only, or any cool designs, that also have the logo on it? Another way to phrase it: Should this branded merch be logo-exclusive merch, or do you encourage us to have cool designs along with the logo?
  • 11:12:47    Jake Byk
    Good question Nathan. We'll circle up with Chris, but he just mentioned how they represent the local community as well.
  • 11:20:07    Troy
    What is a good metric for auditing the success (or failure) of a new product thats been added to your retail area?
  • 11:20:47    Jake Byk
    Good question Troy! I've got it recorded
  • 11:22:32    Amy
    which ABD do you carry? Smart? Pilot?
  • 11:24:55    Ann Grinnell
    Do you provide lead ropes or can people use their own? Mostly concerned about liability from someone using a personal rope that is dangerous
  • 11:25:25    Nathaniel Zwerling
    You said you sold a lot of skin care products: We've had the opposite experience. Do you do something special with your skin care products? Do you have them prominently placed?
  • 11:26:43    Ann Grinnell
  • 11:31:39    Laura Allured (she/her) | CWA
    Here’s a link to the German study Todd mentioned: https://www.alpenverein.de/chameleon/public/d4ce5dd2-3456-0e69-f1e9-877eee9b6eaa/Climbing-gym-study-2012-english-Panorama-2-13_24301.pdf
  • 11:37:31    Nathaniel Zwerling
    What was included in the $20k? What general items did you debut your retail shop with?
  • 11:45:23    Jake Byk
    Tie-in.... ;)
  • 11:49:13    jamesreilly
    How did you find the reps? Through the product company? I am international. Should I be looking to become a distributor for my core brands?
  • 11:49:32    Amy
    how do you keep your merch "dust free"?
  • 11:49:51    Nathaniel Zwerling
    We use compressed air dusters
  • 11:52:23    Amy
    what reports do you use for sales? create excel sheets?
  • 11:54:27    Todd M
    Get to know your POS system... usually you can run sales reports in it which will show you different reporting metrics you can use to show you how your retail items are doing.
  • 11:55:16    Todd M
    I take reports from the POS system and pull certain numbers every month to track sales over time... I track every vendor I work with and I also track each product category, "climbing shoes" "packs" etc
  • 11:55:19    Nathaniel Zwerling
    How often do you do retail staff training?
  • 11:55:25    Jake Byk
  • 11:56:55    Zach
    This is a bit unrelated to today's topic, but you've mentioned the climbing industry being a bit tight lipped when it comes to numbers and finances. Since you're on the call: How much should we expect to pay to climate control our facilities and how much should we expect to pay for insurance on a monthly basis?
  • 11:59:02    Jake Byk
    Chris Horton, COO/Co-founder, Contact Climbing Gym email: Chris@contactclimbinggym.com
  • 11:59:14    Ann Grinnell
    Thank you so much!!!
  • 11:59:28    Amy Keith
    This was great thank you!
  • 11:59:32    Jake Byk
    Thank you for joining us!
  • 11:59:36    Jake Byk
    Chris Horton, COO/Co-founder, Contact Climbing Gym email: Chris@contactclimbinggym.com
  • 11:59:59    Todd M
    I'm also happy to talk retail anytime!!
  • 12:00:03    jamesreilly
    Todd´s contact please?
  • 12:00:11    Todd M
  • 12:00:28    Tanya Smith
    Thank you!


Todd McCormick Chris Horton

Todd McCormick

Owner, Keystone Climbing Consultants

Chris Horton

COO/Co-Founder, Contact Climbing Gym


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