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Climbing Gyms are the lifeblood of the CWA

By trying to start a new climbing gym, you are growing our core mission of expanding access to indoor climbing. Let us show you the way.

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Why You Belong

Below are a small selection of hand-picked resources and reasons that you belong in the Climbing Wall Association.

  1. Business Start Up Advice

    Let us help you find your way through logistical, financial, operational, and many other hurdles so you can provide indoor climbing to your community. Whether it be one-on-one startup advice or our comprehensive Guide to Business Plan Creation, we'll help you cover everything, including things you haven't thought of yet.

  2. Industry Research Program

    With exclusive access to member rates on our Industry Research Reports, you’ll be able to benchmark your budgets against industry insiders, make financial projections, and economically fine-tune your business plan. The CWA is the only entity that provides real-world data that helps secure financing you need to send your dream projects.

  3. Business and Health Insurance

    Through two unique programs, the CWA helps protect both your business, and your employees. With a membership to the CWA, members get access to Monument Sports Insurance or ClimbInsure, which can help with virtually any issue in the industry. We also recently launched a health insurance program with our partners at Roundstone and Fred C. Church, which you also get access to.

  4. Industry Practices and Risk Management Resources

    Various committees, brought together by the CWA, inform safety standards as well as operational best practices. Anything from auto belay guidance to one-on-one help with standards in your gym, the CWA has the knowledge pool and muscle to help you find your way.

Indoor Climbing Gyms

Gyms in Development are broken into the following 'Job Functions' under the Climbing Gym in Development 'Business Type'. These are how we categorize different members of the climbing gym family.

Job Functions

  • Future Owner
  • Gym Owner
  • Programs (any level)
  • Routesetter (any level)
  • Gym Manager/Senior Manager
  • Coach/Trainer

Photo Credits: The Front Climbing Club, Momentum Indoor Climbing, Movement RiNo, and The Spot

Don't Miss Out: CWA Summit

The CWA Summit is the opportunity of a lifetime for someone new to the indoor climbing industry. From networking to education to vendor/supplier buying, you will leave inspired by the nature of service and collaboration the industry exudes. Being a member gives you access to even more resources ahead of and after the Summit. You get exclusive member pricing by being part of the CWA community.

CWA Summit

  • The CWA Summit is attended by gyms big and small, across the globe. Learn from your peers, make new friends, and grow your professional network.
  • The CWA Summit is attended by vendors from all corners of the indoor climbing gym. Whether looking for unique holds, walls, or something entirely more unique, you can find a connection, and come home with the resources you need.
  • The CWA Summit has education sessions for every avenue of the indoor climbing industry. Routesetters, program managers, upper management; we have it all. Come with your ears open and eyes sharp, and leave with new tactics and inspiration for your community.

Benefits For All

Below is a list of the other range of benefits afforded to all members of the CWA. The CWA is a place for everyone to grow and sustain their benefits. We serve our members and work hard with the tools we have, and are always adding more reasons to be part of the community across the globe furthering the interests of indoor climbers.



<li>5% off Wholesale on Nicros resin Handholds &amp; Training Tools</li>

<li>Wholesale on Entre Prises USA climbing holds</li>

<li>15% discount on Atomik climbing holds</li>

<li>5% discount on Bron route tape</li>

<li>12% discount on any direct boulder order from Rock Craft</li>

<li>2 months of free consulting from <a href="">Merchant Advocate</a></li>

<li>Access to partner pricing with Dominion Payroll</li>

<li>Access to for members&rsquo; full-time employees</li>

<li>Discounted background checks through S2 Verify (<a href="/background-checks">click here for details</a>)</li>


<h6>Member Pricing on CWA Events</h6>


<li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">CWA Summit</a></li>


<h6>Industry Research</h6>


<li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">2019 Indoor Climbing Industry Report</a></li>

<li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">2019 Indoor Climber Survey Summary Report</a></li>

<li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">2018 Indoor Climbing Industry Report</a></li>




<li>CWA Climbing Gym Business Plan Creation</li>

<li>Guide to Visitor Agreements</li>

<li>Industry Practices</li>

<li>Engineering Specifications</li>

<li>Inspection Specifications</li>

<li>ClimbSmart! Posters</li>


<p><strong>*</strong>New members receive a publication of their choice. Upon each renewal, members can select one new publication of their choice.</p>


<li>Special member pricing on CWA Certifications like Climbing Wall Instructor and Provider</li>

<li>Gym startup advising</li>

<li>Access to cost-effective risk-management consulting &amp; training services</li>

<li>Support, advocacy, and lobbying initiatives on regulatory issues that affect you</li>

<li>Assistance when you need it - call us any time!<br /><br /></li>


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