Member benefits: Vendors & Suppliers

Without Vendors & Suppliers, the Indoor Climbing Industry Doesn't Exist

From the walls climbers climb to the holds they grab, the ropes they tie into, to even the clean air they breathe, vendors & suppliers are the skeleton of the indoor climbing industry.

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Why You Belong

The reasons to join the CWA go far beyond the list below, but here's a few of our best benefits for those listed above.

  1. The Climbing Wall Association Summit

    The annual CWA Summit is your opportunity to show your stuff. We build our entire programming around giving you an opportunity to make connections, and sales, with climbing gyms and facilities around the globe. More on that below.

  2. Advertising Opportunities

    The Climbing Wall Association continues to grow every year. With that, you have the opportunity to tap into the most widely used resource in the industry and get your products out in front of them. We update our advertising offerings frequently and get creative with ways to show your products.

  3. Industry Research Program

    The CWA's informative, robust, and collaborative power comes through in our industry research program. Learn about industry trends, reports, surveys, and much more.

  4. Vendor Directory

    Be displayed in the vendor directory, our who's who of the indoor climbing industry, where members of the CWA find and look for vendors and suppliers to help their businesses. We often update our ways to get our vendors in front of our members, too.

Indoor Climbing Gym Vendors

Vendor and Suppliers are broken into the following 'Business Types', which fall under the Vendor/Supplier 'Job Function'. These are how we categorize different members of the vendor and supplier family.

  • Climbing Gear Manufacturer
  • Climbing Hold Manufacturer
  • Climbing Wall Manufacturer/Designer
  • Auto Belay Manufacturer
  • Retailer or Distributor
  • Software
  • Flooring Manufacturer
  • Consultant

Photo Credits: The Front Climbing Club

Don't Miss Out: CWA Summit

The CWA Summit is your ultimate trade show.  Hundreds of vendors from around the world come to our Exhibit Hall to schmooze, network, and sell products. Being a member gives you access to even more resources ahead of and after the Summit. You get exclusive member pricing by being part of the CWA community.

Membership pricing is based around the CWA Summit cycle, with your membership expiring every year on May 31st following the event. 

CWA Summit

  • The CWA Summit is attended by gyms big and small, from across the globe. Learn from your peers on the other side of the industry, make new friends, and grow your professional network.
  • The CWA Summit has a dedicated Exhibit Hall with hours, opportunities for sponsorship, and more. If you're trying to break into or sustain your business, the CWA Summit is an event to plan your year around.
  • The CWA Summit provides various giveaways, marketing, and advertising opportunities before, during, and after the event, and much more. The opportunities begin, nor end, in the Exhibit Hall.

Benefits For All

Below is a list of the other range of benefits afforded to all members of the CWA. The CWA is a place for everyone to grow and sustain their benefits. We serve our members and work hard with the tools we have, and are always adding more reasons to be part of the community across the globe furthering the interests of indoor climbers.

<h6>Industry Research</h6>


<li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">2019 Indoor Climbing Industry Report</a></li>

<li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">2019 Indoor Climber Survey Summary Report</a></li>

<li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">2018 Indoor Climbing Industry Report</a></li>




<li>CWA Climbing Gym Business Plan Creation</li>

<li>Guide to Visitor Agreements</li>

<li>Industry Practices</li>

<li>Engineering Specifications</li>

<li>Inspection Specifications</li>

<li>ClimbSmart! Posters</li>


<p><strong>*</strong>New members receive a publication of their choice. Upon each renewal, members can select one new publication of their choice.</p>

If your organization is already a member, you can log in or make an account to access your benefits!