So You Started a Retail Program, Now What?
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  • 10:57:06    Laura Allured (she/her) | CWA
    Morning everyone! Thanks for joining us for the second session in our Retail Webinar Series!
  • 10:57:21    Laura Allured (she/her) | CWA
    I’m Laura from the CWA, joining from Longmont, Colorado.
  • 10:58:57    Jake Byk
    I'm Jake from the CWA joining from Boulder, Colorado!
  • 10:58:58    Paul Guarino - ASCEND Climbing (he/him)
    Hi everyone! I’m Paul Guarino from ASCEND Climbing, based in Pittsburgh, PA and Youngstown, OH. Looking forward to chatting with “Yinz” about retail!
  • 10:59:03    Troy
    I'm Troy, joining from Eldorado Climbing based out of Louisville, CO. I am hoping to find success launching our new Retail Program.
  • 10:59:38    Amy
    Amy here from Edgeworks Climbing in Tacoma WA- want to learn how to be a retail Rockstar like Ascend!
  • 11:00:33    Ann Grinnell
    Hi everyone! Ann from Volta Climbing on the coast of Maine. Hoping to open in December — thank you for this series, so helpful!
  • 11:00:42    Todd M (Keystone Climbing Consultants)
    Hello everyone!! I'm Todd from Keystone Climbing Consultants. I'm the host for today's call and I'm calling in from Portland, OR.
  • 11:01:04    Tanya Smith
    Hi All! Joining from Bismarck, ND. Hoping to continue learning about starting and managing a retail program.
  • 11:01:07    Nathaniel Zwerling
    Nathan from Gripstone Colorado Springs, here to glean some gems to keep our retail growing
  • 11:01:59    Jake Byk
    Excited to see you all from both coasts of the U.S.!
  • 11:02:35    mary ann kelly
    Hi All! Mary Ann Kelly here from Joshua Tree. Train and support coaching from the inside out with nutrition and respiratory training which could fit into your retail program! :-)
  • 11:09:44    Vertex
    Hi! I'm Kelly from Vertex Climbing Center here in Nor Cal. Hoping to get some good info regarding growing our retail offerings and how best to promote!
  • 11:10:25    Jake Byk
    Hi Kelly! Great to have you!
  • 11:11:11    Jake Byk
    If anyone has questions for the panelists while they're talking, drop them in the chat and I'll make sure they get answered after the discussion portion
  • 11:14:49    Troy
    What other barriers to entry are there (like cost of holding inventory) when considering a new product for your retail space?
  • 11:18:17    mary ann kelly
    Love the puzzle!!
  • 11:18:37    Jake Byk
    Mr. Mustard! :D
  • 11:19:39    scott
    what is your number one best selling branded item (excluding clothing) and what branded item would you not buy again?
  • 11:20:03    scott
    Mug retail price?
  • 11:20:23    Nathaniel Zwerling
    what's the wholesale price?
  • 11:20:37    Nathaniel Zwerling
    or mark-up
  • 11:20:40    Mercedes
    where do you put your stock and backstock?
  • 11:22:26    scott
    Mugs retail at 26.95
  • 11:23:18    scott
    do you mind sharing what brand of women's tank you used. Very nice!
  • 11:23:23    Amy
    where did you get the puzzles from?
  • 11:23:23    Leo van Ulden
    What Buff manufacturer did you use? What is cost vs retail price?
  • 11:24:34    brian
    Do your branded products sell better then non-branded items? Also what piece of gear Non-branded is most popular for you?
  • 11:24:39    Nathaniel Zwerling
    We used "Free Sunshades" (not sure why they say "free). Super cheap to produce ~$5 per buff, and marked up to $20 each
  • 11:26:08    Jake Byk
    I'm recording all your questions! You won't be missed :)
  • 11:26:10    Hannah Revelle
    How do you sell products online while using RGP?
  • 11:28:47    Amy
    our buffs are $3.50 unit/$8 retail. members get 10% off still a good margin
  • 11:29:35    jamesreilly
    Did you compensate your employee for the graphic design work? I.e. did she/he make more than a non-graphic design desk person? Did you pay per design?
  • 11:37:02    mary ann kelly
    Have you identified any products during covid that would assist the gym in any organizational changes required upon reopening post covid? (thought that the cloth bag could be used for climber's personal inventory when in the gym?
  • 11:43:16    Nathaniel Zwerling
    How do you build these kits? RGP allows for you to combine products into kits easily- but are you discounting in a specific way? making certain items free? Gyms do "Intro membership kits" that come with all the gear you need- do you guys navigate similarly, or do you have any nuance to it apart from the norm?
  • 11:49:10    Nathaniel Zwerling
    how many boxes do you order, of you order then 2x per year?
  • 11:49:15    Nathaniel Zwerling
  • 11:54:19    Amy
    No keep going!
  • 11:54:29    Todd M (Keystone Climbing Consultants)
    Thanks Amy!! :)
  • 11:56:37    Todd M (Keystone Climbing Consultants)
    If you have questions specifically about inventory or retail management, feel free to reach out to me: todd@keystoneclimbing.com
  • 12:00:38    Hannah Revelle
  • 12:01:18    Ann Grinnell
    I have to run but wanted to say thank you so much!! Cheers!
  • 12:01:25    Jake Byk
    Thanks Ann!
  • 12:01:29    Jake Byk
    - Todd McCormick, Keystone Climbing Consultants: <todd@keystoneclimbing.com>  - Paul Guarino, owner at Ascend Pittsburgh: paul@ascendclimbing.com  
  • 12:01:39    Jake Byk
    If you need to reach our panelists ^
  • 12:02:15    Nathaniel Zwerling
    Really quick: I don't mean how to build it in rock gym pro, I mean conceptually how do you form them. I could say "Buy this harness and get a chalkbag free", or I could say "Buy a harness and chalkbag and get 20% off" that kind of thing
  • 12:02:17    Amy
    It's the margin better with the vendor kits then creating one from stock?
  • 12:02:20    Nathaniel Zwerling
    just for clarification
  • 12:02:38    Jake Byk
    - Todd McCormick, Keystone Climbing Consultants: <todd@keystoneclimbing.com>  - Paul Guarino, owner at Ascend Pittsburgh: paul@ascendclimbing.com  
  • 12:02:40    Vertex
    Thank you so much!
  • 12:02:48    brian
  • 12:02:54    Troy
    Thank you, great info!
  • 12:02:59    Tanya Smith
    Thank you! Very helpful.
  • 12:05:26    Troy
    dat bass line tho
  • 12:05:30    Todd M (Keystone Climbing Consultants)
  • 12:05:36    Jake Byk


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Todd McCormick

Keystone Climbing Consultants

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ASCEND Climbing


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