4 Predgarova str. Ihtiman, Sofia District 2050 Bulgaria



Member Since: 2023


Organization Overview

Dreamwall is a climbing wall manufacturer and climbing wall equipment & services supplier.
Dreamwall’s highly experienced team can offer A-Z solutions for any size climbing facility, recreational or for professional sport.

Dreamwall’s scope of work includes:
- design, engineering, production, and installation of climbing walls;
- safety flooring, holds & volumes and safety equipment supply;
- route setting, maintenance inspections, and renovations of existing climbing walls;

Dreamwall production facility is located in Sofia District, Bulgaria. The company employs over 40 full-time employees and about 10 independent experts abroad.

During its two-year period of existence, Dreamwall has over 40 completed projects in Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Hungary, UAE, and Bulgaria, some outstanding among them are:
- Sharma Climbing Gava in Spain is a full-service climbing gym with over 3500 sq.m. of climbing walls, including lead, speed, boulder, and kid’s boulder areas;
- Bouder Baden in Switzerland – a boulder gym of 1200 sq.m. of climbing walls with a modern and functional design;
- Isghl Outdoor Boulders, Austria – outdoor boulder walls made of GRP (Glass Reinforced panels) and a HDG structure, a highly durable product to withstand rough weather conditions at its impressive altitude of 2300 m. above the sea level in the heart of the Alps.