How To Sell Products In Your Shop
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  • 10:56:52    Todd M (Keystone Climbing Consultants)
    Hi everyone! I'm Todd from Keystone Climbing Consultants and I'm joining from Portland, OR.
  • 10:57:26    Kurt Smith
    The General here joining in from the road, somewhere in Colorado..
  • 10:57:35    Laura Allured (she/her) | CWA
    Welcome to the final session in the CWA’s Retail Webinar Series!! I’m Laura from the CWA, and I’m joining from Longmont, CO.
  • 10:58:05    Josh Joyner
    Josh from Vertical View, and I’m joining from Boise, ID
  • 10:58:55    angie
    Angie from Vertical World.
  • 10:59:06    Jake Byk
    Jake Byk with the CWA!
  • 10:59:26    Caitlyn Nicholas
    Hello, I'm Caitlyn. Greetings from Sender One Climbing in California.
  • 10:59:41    Hannah Revelle
    Hey Everyone! This is Hannah and Sydney from Momentum Silver Street. We are just excited to learn new retail information to make our retail space the best it can be ;)
  • 10:59:41    Laura Allured (she/her) | CWA
    We’ll get started in just a minute.
  • 10:59:49    Tanya Smith
    Hi Everyone! Tanya Jo with Dakota Climbing Co. joining from Bismarck, North Dakota. Hoping to learn sales and service strategies for building a retail program in a new market.
  • 11:00:07    Amy
    Amy here from Edgeworks climbing in Tacoma WA. Hoping to learn :-)
  • 11:01:23    Florencia Cademartori
    Hi, It’s Mercedes from Momentum Lehi!
  • 11:01:29    Ann Grinnell
    Ann from Volta Climbing in Trenton, ME.. thank you for this series!
  • 11:01:33    Tanya Smith
    Also curious if any other gyms attending today are located in an area where climbing isn’t very prevalent and how has that affected your approach to your retail offerings?
  • 11:04:54    Kurt Smith
    mute all please!
  • 11:08:27    Mercedes
    Q&A question: What are things/programs that a rep offers that you find gyms are not leveraging very often?
  • 11:12:44    Hannah Revelle
    What do you do if you are having difficulty with a major shoe rep who does not want to come to your town or do demos?
  • 11:25:51    Tanya Smith
    Would you plan shoe demo’s prior to grand opening of a new facility?
  • 11:31:06    Caitlyn Nicholas
    lol clever
  • 11:35:10    Laura Allured (she/her) | CWA
    Here’s a link to the blog article Todd mentioned: https://www.cwapro.org/blog/engaging-staff-on-retail-engages-customers-too
  • 11:40:19    Troy
    What strategies are there to capture customer sales in shop, rather than the customer purchasing afterwards from an online retailer
  • 11:41:48    Hannah Revelle
    We do and have a lot of it
  • 11:53:31    Hannah Revelle
    best way to talk to reps about raffles and prizes
  • 11:56:42    Amy
    has the past year effected how much you can donate to an event?
  • 11:57:25    Jake Byk
    Kurt Smith, nrgsales1@gmail.com
  • 11:58:01    Jake Byk
    Todd McCormick, todd@keystoneclimbing.com
  • 11:58:08    Caitlyn Nicholas
    thank you!
  • 11:58:14    Ann Grinnell
    Thank you so much!
  • 11:58:21    Kurt Smith
    Thanks Everyone!
  • 11:58:25    Todd M (Keystone Climbing Consultants)
    So fun! Thanks to you all as well.
  • 11:58:26    Todd M (Keystone Climbing Consultants)
  • 11:58:28    Mercedes
    Thanks you guys, this series has been great <3
  • 11:58:30    Josh Joyner
    Thanks! This was super helpful
  • 11:58:32    Hannah Revelle
    Thank you!
  • 11:58:34    Jake Byk
    Thank you everyone :)
  • 11:58:52    Jake Byk
    Kurt Smith, nrgsales1@gmail.com Todd McCormick, todd@keystoneclimbing.com
  • 11:59:07    Tanya Smith
    Thank you! This series was very helpful and well-done. I really appreciate how well you support members. Thanks, Todd! Thank you so much!
  • 11:59:07    Amy


Todd McCormick Kurt Smith

Todd McCormick

Keystone Climbing Consultants

Kurt Smith

Sales Rep for Evolv, Sterling, Wild Country


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