CWA Adds Membership Manager

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The CWA is excited to announce the hiring of a new Membership Manager.

Tilde Bombardo brings a rich tapestry of experience to her new role as the CWA's Membership Manager.  

Hailing from Naples, Italy, Tilde discovered her passion for climbing at the age of 12. She fell in love with the cliffs of the Amalfi coast, which offered her panoramic views of the sea from the top anchors.  

Her journey in Italy was not just about discovering her love for climbing and the outdoors. It was about realizing the power of her passion to make a difference. Tilde co-founded a nonprofit organization that empowers children and adults with disabilities through outdoor climbing.


Tilde Bombardi.

This initiative set a remarkable precedent within the climbing industry in Southern Italy, highlighting Tilde's leadership and her belief in the power of climbing as a social connector.  

Having spent over a decade in the United States, Tilde has immersed herself in the climbing community, leveraging her diverse roles within climbing gyms to cultivate a deep sense of belonging and kinship, which has made her less homesick! In each of the roles, Tilde’s goal was to connect with the community by providing best practices through excellent customer service and focusing on training and mentoring the staff. 

Tilde's career in the climbing industry started humbly as a climbing coach for CityRock in Colorado Springs. Her dedication and hard work led her to grow into operations and, eventually, to move to Fort Collins to support the opening of Whetstone. This journey has not only enriched her with a wealth of experience and knowledge but also demonstrated her unwavering commitment to the climbing industry.  

"Supporting the opening of a large climbing gym has given me the perspectives of gym owners and how much hard work is beyond the love for climbing.," she said.

With a recent role as membership manager for the Outdoor Industry Association and a background in operations, she worked with hundreds of outdoor manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and government entities, supporting them in their journey in supply chain, sustainably, government affairs and research.  

Tilde is dedicated to supporting the CWA members in reaching new heights in their climbing business endeavors.