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2018 Indoor Climbing Industry Report

2018 Indoor Climbing Industry Report

The CWA's 2018 Indoor Climbing Industry Report is the inaugural edition of the CWA's in-depth industry research and analysis initiatives. We partnered with a third party research firm, Campbell Rinker, to produce a comprehensive look at commercial climbing gyms in the US and Canada, including operations, finance, risk management, programming, and membership. The 54-page report provides a detailed analysis of the results of our survey of 123 commercial climbing facilities in the US and Canada. This information is essential for climbing gym operators, industry vendors, prospective owners, investors, and others interested in the indoor climbing industry.

What you'll get in this report:

  • Market data, including 2017 industry net revenue, projected earnings for 2018-2020, number of facilities, population served, etc.
  • Comparison of facility performance by region
  • Staffing benchmarks, including tenure and compensation
  • Indicators of success (answering the question - what do the highest-earning companies have in common?)
  • Financial benchmarks, including revenue by sales category, overhead by category
  • Stats on amenities offered, such as rope, bouldering, fitness classes, climbing training, auto belays, speed walls
  • Membership benchmarks, including retention, average membership size, membership pricing, membership types, sales per month
  • Marketing data and strategies
  • Risk management benchmarks
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