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General Specification for Design and Engineering of ACS's

General Specification for Design and Engineering of ACS's

CWA engineering standards are intended to assist architects, designers, engineers, and builders in determining adequate parameters for the design and engineering of manufactured climbing structures. CWA engineering standards relate to actual conditions of use and the specification addresses terminology specific to artificial climbing structures, design requirements, a table of live loads, marking and conformity of artificial climbing structures in North America. The specification covers design and engineering requirements regarding the strength and stability of the structure, loads specific to climbing, as well as how and where these loads should be applied to the structure during the design process. The engineering standards do not purport to address the safety concerns associated with the operation or use of a manufactured climbing structure. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to consult pertinent operational standards, establish appropriate safety and health practices, and to determine the applicability of any regulatory requirements prior to use.


General Specification for Design and Engineering of Artificial Climbing Structures, First Edition

1.0 Scope
2.0 Referenced Documents
2.1 ASTM Standards
2.1 ASTM Standards
2.2 CEN Standards
2.3 UIAA Standards
3.0 Terminology
3.1 Definitions
3.2 Description of Terms Specific to This Standard
4.0 Design Requirements
4.1 Dead and Live Loads
4.2 Calculation of ACS Components
4.3 Protection Anchor Design
4.4 ACS Surface Structure Design
4.5 Stability of ACS and Attendant Support Structure
4.6 Stability Calculation Procedure – ACS With Protection Anchors
4.7 Stability Calculation Procedure – ACS Without Protection Anchors
5.0 Live Loads
6.0 General Requirements
6.1 Equipment
7.0 Marking
8.0 Confirmity of an ACS

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