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The Climbing Wall Association (CWA) and the CWA Routesetting Committee are excited to announce the release of its new Routesetting Guide, a comprehensive resource aimed at helping climbing facilities build high-quality and effective routesetting programs.

This guide is a collaborative effort by industry experts and professionals, representing a significant step toward advancing the routesetting profession. We invite climbing facility owners, routesetters, and other industry professionals to participate in the public comment period from July 5th - August 5th to provide valuable feedback through an online survey.

Download the CWA Routesetting Guide

By participating in the public comment period, you have the opportunity to shape the future of routesetting education and contribute to the ongoing development of industry standards. Your feedback will be instrumental in refining the guide, making it a comprehensive and invaluable resource for climbing facilities worldwide.
The primary purpose of the Routesetting Guide is to raise awareness, provide guidance on current routesetting practices, and support climbing facilities in implementing a risk-conscious and successful routesetting program. By establishing clear guidelines and standards, this guide aims to enhance safety, foster innovation, and contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the indoor climbing industry.

The guide begins by discussing the routesetting profession and outlining the ideal characteristics of a routesetter. It then explores common roles and responsibilities within routesetting departments, offering insights into routesetting management, logistics, and material management.

Why Is The Routesetting Guide A Resource?

The guide also examines managing routes as products, covering aspects such as grading, marking, evaluating routes, and the importance of forerunning. It also addresses movement trends and the importance of developing a deeper understanding of movement in routesetting. The guide emphasizes risk mitigation, highlighting worker and member risk management, and providing specific strategies for bouldering, rope, and auto belay routes. Overall, the Routesetting Guide will serve as a helpful resource for the indoor climbing community, promoting professionalism, innovation, and risk-conscious routesetting practices.

By encompassing a wide range of topics, from the technical aspects of holds and hardware management to the creative aspects of movement and route evaluation, the Routesetting Guide provides a comprehensive roadmap for climbing facility owners and routesetters to enhance their routesetting programs.

It emphasizes the importance of professional development, collaboration, and diversity within the routesetting profession. The guide recognizes that routesetting is not just a functional task but a critical element of a climbing facility's success. It offers practical insights, references relevant industry standards, and offers a framework for responsible and effective routesetting practices.

With the aim of promoting continuous improvement, the guide acknowledges that routesetting practices will evolve, and it invites feedback from the climbing community to further refine its content. Overall, the Routesetting Guide represents a significant step toward standardizing routesetting practices and ensuring a vibrant, safe, and inclusive climbing experience for all.

Another key goal of the Routesetting Guide is to encourage greater diversity and inclusivity within the routesetting profession. By making this guide widely accessible, we hope to attract individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to join the ranks of routesetters. It is through this diversity that we can create a more inclusive and representative indoor climbing community.

Download the CWA Routesetting Guide

The CWA recognizes the importance of feedback and input from the climbing community to ensure the Routesetting Guide truly reflects the needs and aspirations of the industry. We value the insights and expertise of climbing facility owners, routesetters, and other industry professionals, and we invite you all to share your thoughts, opinions, and recommendations through the online survey.

Provide Your Feedback!

We encourage you to take your time to review each chapter and consider the document as a whole.
The survey is designed to guide you through a comprehensive assessment of the Routesetting Guide, chapter by chapter. Your feedback on specific topics, suggestions for improvement, and identification of any gaps or areas of concern will help us refine and strengthen the guide's content.

We value both positive feedback and constructive criticism, as they are essential in creating a robust and effective resource for the climbing community. Your perspectives and expertise matter, and your participation in the public commenting period will help shape the future of routesetting practices.

The CWA's Routesetting Guide represents a significant milestone in the development of routesetting education and industry standards. Through collaboration and community involvement, we can enhance safety, innovation, and inclusivity within the climbing world. We invite climbing facility owners, routesetters, and industry professionals to join us in this journey by providing their valuable feedback through the online survey.

Your participation in the public comment period will play a vital role in shaping the final version of the guide. Together, let us build a future where routesetting thrives as a profession and climbers of all backgrounds can enjoy a safe and fulfilling climbing experience. Visit our website today and be a part of this transformative process.

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