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Of the many benefits offered by the CWA, Monument Sports Group insurance is one of the best known. The program continues to grow alongside the indoor climbing industry.

When the Monument Sports Group was awarded exclusivity for managing the CWA Insurance Program, the agency was tasked with providing stable access to insurance in the wake of the prior program’s troubles.

Nine years later, the value and stability provided by Monument Sports and the CWA Insurance Program cannot be understated. It’s hard to imagine all the unique circumstances Monument encounters on their journey to strengthening the CWA’s members. Monument has been able to find creative solutions for innovative business ideas and industry trends.

As the exclusive program administrator for the CWA, Monument Sports provides insurance and risk management guidance to CWA member gyms, vendors, and to the association. Their experience has been built over the long-term insuring professional and amateur sports leagues and indoor and outdoor multisport facilities.

While climbing gyms continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, new obstacles have developed and continue to directly impact the industry. As the pandemic evolved and faced an increasingly hard market, many insurance carriers have left the market altogether. Through Monument Sports’ partnership with the CWA, the risk of a hard market to members of the CWA Insurance Program is minimized. The myriad difficulties posed by COVID-19 are not going away, but neither is Monument.

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As the world contends with ongoing supply-chain issues, increased inflation, and carriers leaving the market, the strong relationship between the CWA, Monument Sports, and our carrier partners has been an immeasurable benefit to our member clients.

You’re grateful for good insurance when things go horribly wrong. But you can also use your insurance for more than just dramatic worst-case scenarios. Does your gym want to offer new programs, review your risk management operations, or expand to a new location? Monument can help.

As the owner of an indoor sports facility, Monument understands and has dealt with the risks that organizations in the indoor climbing industry face every day. They climb too, which makes their agency better positioned to support gym’s insurance and risk management needs.

They understand the risks that can and do occur in indoor climbing facilities, those risks affect their business. They know what you’re going through because they go through it every day.

The indoor climbing industry has never been stronger. But there are always growing pains with maturing, and the industry is no exception. Fortunately, Monument is here to diagnose those issues and help us continue the upward trajectory.

To start a conversation regarding your insurance needs please contact the Monument Sports Group by emailing, or call their main office at 866.674.1234.

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About Monument Sports Group

Mark GrossmanMark Grossman is the Founder and President of The Monument Sports Group, which has been servicing the insurance and risk management needs of professional and amateur sports teams, leagues, facility owners, and players since 2000. In 2013, Monument Sports became the endorsed insurance provider for the CWA, and MSG is very proud of the CWA program.  Mark was a five-sport letter winner in high school and played soccer when not hurt at The University of North Carolina. Mark is now able to start climbing despite being really old as he has successfully recovered from knee and hip replacement surgeries.

Will Jorgeson

William Jorgensen, AAI is the CWA Program Manager for Monument Sports. Will was first introduced to climbing on his journey to earn Eagle Scout and hasn’t looked back. He was an Academic All-Conference Soccer Player at Ferrum College, and spent his weekend climbing in the backwoods of Virginia & North Carolina. Will completed his MBA at Ohio University, where he is also pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Analytics. Will works directly with climbing gyms to help them secure insurance coverage.